Delicious tradition

Delicious tradition

If you have an appointment with your dentist in Mexico for  dental implants Tijuana Mexico in winter time you may notice that in all bakeries there are delicious threads of kings available that even some come filled with cajeta, chocolate or cheese.

This is part of the tradition of the Day of the Kings, which celebrates the visit of the magicians of the East to Jesus after his birth. Actually the registration of the thread that is customary for this day is not seen with notoriety until the twentieth century. It begins to manifest timidly towards 1911. It is also said that this tradition came from Spain to Mexico in the first years of the viceroyalty. The truth is that in Spain for these dates the so-called roscón is eaten. From then on it became traditional to accompany it with tasty chocolate, coffee, milk or even soft drink for the most daring palates.

When you take a slice of thread you may want to check it inside well before eating it, as you may realize that there is a small plastic figure. It is not easy to specify when the custom of hiding in the mass of the thread a Child God of porcelain began, but by chronicles it is known that the use of placing a jam or a bean in the thread was very old.

Whoever found the bean or the confection, was obliged to present the Child God of the Birth of the house in the church near February 2, called in Mexico Day of the Candlemas.

In Mexican chivalric age the obligation was fulfilled ritually, and perhaps the substitution of the bean or the confection for the Child arose because sometimes the diner ingested the piece of the thread with everything and had in order to avoid compromise.

Surely some lady list that a year was left without Candlemas festival and without godfather for his Child God, began to introduce a porcelain child difficult to ingest (and even more to digest), although in truth there are still those who are left without party because, in some way, the one who finds the Child becomes the hidden one or discreetly hides the little figure. In other words, in order to avoid the compromise “it becomes a screw”.