Increases The Tourist Image Of Tijuana

Increases The Tourist Image Of Tijuana

Every day more people from different nationalities come to enjoy what the city of Tijuana implies, the reasons for tourism are different, some come for business tourism, that is, they come to create new businesses or close deals with Mexican investors, but there is also the medical tourism in which plastic surgery or cosmetic dentists in Tijuana Mexico is carried out.

The image of tourism in the city has come to rise due to factors such as medical advances that attract the arrival of tourists seeking to attend to Tijuana, gastronomy and the millions of annual crossings, assured the president of the Tourism and Convention Committee of Tijuana. According to the businessman, more and more people of different nationalities come to enjoy what the area implies.

The eyes of the world are in Tijuana for a long time and now, with the theme of the debate to the presidency of the republic, even more. This city is the capital of the world when it comes to medical tourism; There is a significant production of craft beer with more than 400 brands. At the moment we are facing the fifth most influential economy in the world (California), and there are 80 million crossings of people.

He explained that Tijuana is in the eye of the hurricane in the positive, and now, with the presence of the Mexican consuls throughout the US border, he assures that the megaregion is impacted. They always look for congresses and conventions, but, from 2016 to date, they have searched for 39, and they are the same ones that have won.

As for the idea of bringing the consuls, it is something that was born from last year with the idea that they knew the megaregion and how it is developing, what we are doing. We know that they have some real envy because they want to take this model to Arizona, for example, and replicate this model.

He pointed out that Tijuana is in an enviable position worldwide, a situation that does not have Texas or Arizona or Nevada, meaning that the city is facing the fifth largest economy in the world and facing a city that is one of the most dynamic in the United States.

He stressed that this border city is a leader in medical tourism, in craft beer, in gastronomy, the most famous salad was made in Tijuana as well as the margarita. The most important thing is the people because it is very hospitable, it is a city that was born of migrants, and that is composed of people from any part of the world.