Living in Baja Mexico

Living in Baja Mexico

Some move to Mexico to retire, especially so because the climate is ideal in many places around Mexico, enabling retirees to take full advantage of their spare time and they also discover that the temperate climates in Mexico are more conducive to general well-being as they get older.

Thousands of foreign professionals arrive in Mexico every year, as part of a secondment with the company they are working for and the affordable homes for sale in baja mexico. A lot of American, Canadian, European and Asian corporations have offices and/or manufacturing facilities in Mexico, and it’s common for managers and specialists to be given assignments in Mexico.

Increasingly, people are moving to Mexico under the auspice of their own efforts and resources. The emergence of the ‘knowledge economy’ over the last two decades means that increasing numbers of working-age people can live and work in Mexico in ways that were not possible before the Internet Age.

Although the reasons that people make a conscious decision and choose to live in Mexico under their own steam are many, common themes include:

an opportunity to gain access to a new culture and different way of life;
to enjoy a better quality of life;
to engage with a more gentle pace of life in an environment with more space to appreciate people and culture;
access to year-round temperate climates which make outdoor living possible and are conducive to good health with Dr. Mexico, or
the desire to live in a foreign country, learn a new language, and deepen their appreciation for a foreign culture.

Although English is spoken in tourist centers, big hotels, and resorts as well as in professional establishments in bigger cities, it cannot be considered ‘common’ in every day living. You would therefore need to learn some Spanish to get by day-to-day, unless you lived in the expensive, gated ‘expatriate’ communities and only socialized within those circles.

Bigger towns and cities offer all of the amenities you would have access to in most towns back home: supermarkets, shops, restaurants, entertainment, nightlife, etc.

Generally speaking, Mexico’s pace of life is slower than that of the US, Canada and Europe—especially when compared to the pace of major cities there.

Mexican people are extremely warm and friendly. In smaller provincial communities, especially, they will make you feel welcome and help you where they can. Mexican people love foreign lands, and they love to hear about different people and places. The more effort you make to integrate yourself into Mexican communities and the Mexican way of life, the more receptive Mexico and Mexicans will be towards you, and the people around you who you engage with will appreciate the fact that you have made the effort to do so.