Attendance at events, proof that Tijuana is safe

Attendance at events, proof that Tijuana is safe

For the mayor of Tijuana, the attendance of 5 thousand people to the festival of paella, is proof that Tijuana residents feel safe in their city.
He said that, without the need for large operations, the 14th edition of this festival flowed in a pleasant way, in addition to the thousands of foreigners who cross the border for medical treatment such as dental crowns Tijuana and return to their country with a new image of the city, a positive image, reiterating his point.
“There are circumstances that occur, if we were doing things right, those people who are socially irresponsible, would not be where they are now,” he said.
Therefore, the mayor is betting that judges, both state and federal, have greater awareness when evaluating the crimes committed, as well as the penalty of carrying arms, as bail is easy to get rid of what he considers a serious crime if sum with the Tijuana idiosyncrasy that, with a weapon in hand, acquires “value” and makes incorrect decisions.
As for 99% of the released criminals, the president stressed again the importance of demanding from the judges, to whom he said: with all due respect but they take the subject out. With this, said that last week released a list of state judges who have been led with leniency, and now the federals.
Regarding the donations to the affected states, he thanked Tijuana for being the city with the largest donation, explaining that “Tijuana is Mexico, and this is a huge success for us”.
For its part, the manager of Boutisse LA Cetto. He commented that 54 competitors participated in the event, 30 in the amateurs branch, and the rest in professionals, supporting the president’s idea about the city’s security, and the weather, suggesting consuming it with the wine they want, since they all work for this dish.
I feel very nice, very happy people, especially because we have a beautiful climate, now we are very privileged with the weather, she said.
One of the contestants of the amateur branch, explained that the original Valencian paella consists of 10 ingredients: chicken, rabbit, bean (green bean), garrofón (large bean), olive oil, tomato rice, water, saffron and salt.

Tijuana create beer to support deportees

Tijuana create beer to support deportees

In Tijuana, a craft brewery has produced a batch of barrels to support the deportees. Part of the funds will be used to make a documentary and a work office, both to bring to light the situation of returned migrants.
Fermented a fresh idea to support causes with border social impact, the Cervecería Insurgente launched the Migrant Beer, an initiative that carries as its guarantee seal its commitment.
“It’s sad to see how someone who lived 40 years or more in the United States arrives without knowing, without documents, that’s why we are supporting this cause,” said Damián Morales, co-founder of Cervecería Insurgente.
The cross-border creators behind this artisanal drink that now grows on a larger scale with the migrant project. “We realized in 2016 that we supported Haitians but we have seen the need and this ovation,” Morales continued. “What we want is to spread awareness and open a dialogue among citizens. That’s why Tijuana is what it is”
They will donate 100% of their earnings to two Tijuana-born causes that will yield a documentary that talks about the street situation after deportation and the GAIA Foundation.
So if you are planning to come to Mexico for medical treatments such as dental crowns in Tijuana you can support this cause by drinking one of the best craft beers in Tijuana and spend a good time with your friends and family.

The qualities of the microbiota of the skin and the healing of injuries

The qualities of the microbiota of the skin and the healing of injuries

The skin, in addition to being the largest organ of the human body, acts as the first line of physical and immune defense. This capacity is also a complex and dynamic ecosystem, inhabited by a multitude of organisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. Currently, a group of researchers from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in Bethesda has described the way in which the microbiota of the skin induces the response of the immune system to a wound, a fact that favors its healing.
The results of the team, led by Yasmine Belkaid, have shown a kind of dialogue between the bacteria Staphylococcus epidermidis, naturally occurring in human skin, and a specific type of immune cells, the CD8 + T lymphocytes. Specifically, the microbiota is able to attract and activate these cells by non-classical molecules of the set of proteins known as major histocompatibility complex class I. In addition, scientists studying the gene expression profile of these lymphocytes induced by microorganisms. The analysis revealed an increase in the levels of those genes involved in tissue regeneration processes.
For researchers, this finding indicates that lymphocytes, in addition to defending the organism against aggression, must also promote the healing process. Experiments performed in adult mice confirmed their hypothesis, since CD8 + T cells accumulated at the edge of a wound in the ear of rodents. There, the lymphocytes activated the proliferation of keratinocytes, keratin protein secreting cells that stimulate epithelial tissue growth. Consequently, the healing time was shorter.
Thus, the data obtained in this research suggest that the microbiota and pathogenic bacteria induce different mechanisms of activation of the immune system.
A better understanding of the role of microbes in the immunity processes that can contribute to the development of new methods of tissue regeneration in surgical procedures from dental implants Tijuana to a life or death operation. Currently, this is a fundamental challenge in medicine, since the strategies available to treat wounds caused by injuries, surgical interventions or diseases are not always effective. If in the future, the results obtained in this study are confirmed in humans, this could be a great advance in modern medicinedev

Pack Your Bag To Mexico

Pack Your Bag To Mexico

In your next vacations you want to something different? Explore new places, eat delicious food and do not end up broke? Well maybe you want to consider Mexico as your next destination.
Maybe you are not pretty sure because you don’t know what to expect but here I’m going to explain you what you can find in Mexico.
Drinks: Probably the first word you came in mind when someone says Mexico its: tequila but there is also mescal and what about an icy beer when you are resting in the most beautiful beaches.
Save money: Your dollar can go a long way in Mexico and the price to value ratio is high. You’ll notice the difference in prices for many things from food to medical services, that’s why mexico its one of the principal destinations for Dental tourism, people can have less expensive services like dental implants in Tijuana with the same quality . No one can resist those savings when flights and accommodation would still cost less than having the work done in the US.
The food: if you didn’t know Mexico is recognize for having the world’s best food and it is no just the freshness, flavors and quality of Mexican food but the diversity, every region brings its own distinct food traditions. No matter where you are, you will always find a delicious street food vendor from sour like spicy elotes to sweet like churros with chocolate.
Beaches: There is so many coastlines to explore and they’re all amazing. Cabo, Cancun, Cozumel, Vallarta, Huatulco, there is a lot of option everyone with a particular special.
Fascinating indigenous cultures: you will develop a fascination for Mexico’s indigenous culture. The textiles are beautifully hand-woven and the people here use clothes and patterns as form of communication.
Music: From mariachi to modern rock. You can also find out how cheap music festivals are in Mexico.
Ruins: Mexico is home to some of the richest archaeological sites in the world. It’s like a time travel where you will find history so interesting and beautiful.

Destinations For Surgical Procedures

Destinations For Surgical Procedures

Bariatric Surgery

Obesity can likewise cause a few genuine health-related issues, for example, Coronary supply route disease, Diabetes mellitus, Hypertension and Obstructive rest apnea. In this manner, when customary weight misfortune techniques neglect to give weight reduction, bariatric surgery in Mexico is the main strategy that gives a response to obesity. Bariatric surgery can likewise help with type 2 diabetes, rest apnea, high blood weight and coronary corridor disease.

part of the famous areas in Mexico that are well known focuses of weight loss surgery are:


Tijuana is the biggest city on the Baja California Peninsula. It is a mechanical and monetary focus of Mexico. US-Mexico fringe at Tijuana is the ‘most crossed outskirt’ in the world. It is found near San Diego in California. Just 15 minutes from San Diego air terminal, Tijuana, Mexico has risen as sheltered and cost agreeable goal for therapeutic care. Moderate arrangements for weight loss surgery can be found over the outskirt in Tijuana.


Monterrey is Mexico’s third biggest city and is alluded to as the “city of mountains”. Monterrey lies in the lower regions of the Sierra Madre Mountains at a rise of 1,800 feet above ocean level. Monterrey is a great goal for bariatric surgery with its closeness to the United States and highly created present day framework.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is an exceptionally prevalent medicinal tourism goal with lovely shorelines, tropical atmosphere, and vacationer agreeable group. The city is likewise home to a large number of US and Canadian retirees. The excellent shorelines and resorts are just strolling separations from the downtown Hospital Facilities.


Guadalajara is the capital of the Mexican territory of Jalisco and the seat of the region of Guadalajara. It is a socially rich goal and is additionally home to a portion of the finest Universities in Mexico. Past getting their bariatric surgery performed at authorize healing centers that brag of advanced restorative offices, patients can appreciate going by some of Guadalajara’s most popular vacationer spots including the Guadalajara Cathedral, or the Tequila Express.

Why learn the language before traveling

Why learn the language before traveling

There’s no room for doubt, traveling is always a unique and thrilling experience, because you don’t only get to see new and exotic places, but also meet people, learn about their customs and traditions, etc.

Different places offer a different outlook on the experience and though every trip is special in its own way, nothing ever really compares to traveling in order to volunteer abroad, which it’s on a league of its own.

Volunteering not only allows visitors to interact with locals on a deeper level, it also gives them the chance to see and learn things that are not usually shown by the tourist guides, mainly because they are not considered that important nor attractive, or simply because tourist agencies don’t know about them.

In the end, volunteering makes for a great learning experience, but it’s not without little hiccups, especially in the communication area, because while English has basically established itself as the main language for tourist destinations, the truth is that even in those places, not everyone talks English, least of all in places where volunteer work is done.

And while there are plenty of ways to get around the language barrier, such as using google translate and other language apps to help you say what you wish, as well as the use of body language and gestures, and talking slowly and clearly, nothing can substitute being able to actually talk the language.

Talking the natives language comes with plenty of benefits such as:

Blending in.- Natives from most countries, especially the Spanish speaking ones, are often suspicious of foreigners, which is why being included and completely taken in by them can take some considerable time, and in some cases, it can just not happen. Therefore speaking the language or actually making an effort to do so, could very well open them up more for you since they would see you respect them and their culture.

Avoid misunderstandings.- As it was previously mentioned, the use of language apps can help you communicate, but that’s not without its missteps, some words cannot be translated literally word by word, and there’s also the cultural aspect to consider, what’s proper in your language or country might not be in the one your volunteering. And while there are very detail orientation sessions, there’s always the chance of something not being mentioned.
Speaking the same language can help you a great deal to avoid this.

Learn new things.- Speaking the same language as the people of the country your volunteering on can help you not only to integrate but also learn even more things about their culture, traditions, etc. Knowing Spanish, for example, could make it easier for you to learn some traditional dancing, poetry, and many other arts.

Therefore, in order to make your volunteering abroad an even better experience, why not take a few hours of your time to learn the language? Nowadays there are plenty of ways to do so even if your already abroad, there are always spanish classes online as well as instructors who can reach you by skype, the only thing you need is to really want it.

Marketing digital estratégico para el crecimiento empresarial

Marketing digital estratégico para el crecimiento empresarial

Si usted opera desde un café hasta una clinica de adicciones en tijuana, es realmente importante pensar en una variedad de aspectos durante cada fase de la manera en que. Debe elegir una técnica específica para poder comercializar su empresa, generar conocimiento de marca e incrementar sus ganancias. Una de las mejores formas en la sociedad tecnológica en rápida evolución de ahora mismo para hacer crecer su compañía, es a través de la publicidad digital. La publicidad digital le permite comercializar su negocio a través de uno o tal vez muchos tipos de medios electrónicos. Hoy en día, más que nunca, los clientes y prospectos tienen que pasar cada vez más tiempo en línea.

Para poder hacer marketing y publicidad en línea, debe poner en práctica una buena técnica de marketing digital. Debe analizar cada parte de su estrategia publicitaria actual, como su sitio web, presencia en Internet, plataformas de marketing en Internet desde SEO posicionamiento web en mexico, como redes sociales, etc. Al utilizar este procedimiento, puede reconocer las posibilidades, y luego desarrollar un esquema basado en en las demandas comerciales de los suyos, así como en los objetivos. Hoy en día, muchas empresas exitosas utilizan el marketing en Internet para atraer a los clientes existentes de manera eficiente y efectiva y crear nuevos.

En caso de que no se esfuerce por trabajar en el marketing digital estratégico suyo, su negocio no se promociona de la manera que debería ser. Para crear una función de publicidad digital de manera apropiada, debe trabajar con un grupo de miembros del personal o tal vez una oficina digital que pueda dedicar su tiempo a ayudarlo con sus objetivos de marketing en Internet. Una buena oficina o tal vez un personal digital interno maneja diferentes trabajos que incluyen la construcción y distribución de contenido, realizar un seguimiento de las promociones fuera de línea o quizás en Internet para ver la eficiencia, participar en actividades de redes sociales y modificarlas para lograr el máximo retorno de la inversión .

Evaluar los objetivos del marketing digital
Es realmente importante hacer un análisis exhaustivo de las técnicas actuales de publicidad digital para garantizar la eficacia y la eficiencia. Debido a esto, debe evaluar los objetivos comerciales de usted y tomar el período de tiempo para descubrir en caso de que esté logrando sus objetivos y en caso de que sean razonables o tal vez no. En caso de que descubras que la comida no está funcionando, entonces definitivamente necesitas crear nuevas metas, así como también incluir métodos que son varios.

Strategic Digital Marketing ofrece diferentes beneficios que incluyen una gran visibilidad de búsqueda de Google, interacciones en las redes sociales que, a la larga, le producirán mucho más tráfico y nuevos clientes. Una poderosa presencia en línea puede ayudarlo a nutrir el prestigio de su negocio mediante el cual puede confirmar que puede brindar servicios de estándares internacionales. Hoy en día, mucho más que nunca, las personas son atractivas y evalúan negocios, empresas y marcas a través de Internet. Por lo tanto, es vital que tenga una estrategia de publicidad digital que le indique a las personas y clientes nuevos que usted es una marca con la que necesitan trabajar.

Living in Baja Mexico

Living in Baja Mexico

Some move to Mexico to retire, especially so because the climate is ideal in many places around Mexico, enabling retirees to take full advantage of their spare time and they also discover that the temperate climates in Mexico are more conducive to general well-being as they get older.

Thousands of foreign professionals arrive in Mexico every year, as part of a secondment with the company they are working for and the affordable homes for sale in baja mexico. A lot of American, Canadian, European and Asian corporations have offices and/or manufacturing facilities in Mexico, and it’s common for managers and specialists to be given assignments in Mexico.

Increasingly, people are moving to Mexico under the auspice of their own efforts and resources. The emergence of the ‘knowledge economy’ over the last two decades means that increasing numbers of working-age people can live and work in Mexico in ways that were not possible before the Internet Age.

Although the reasons that people make a conscious decision and choose to live in Mexico under their own steam are many, common themes include:

an opportunity to gain access to a new culture and different way of life;
to enjoy a better quality of life;
to engage with a more gentle pace of life in an environment with more space to appreciate people and culture;
access to year-round temperate climates which make outdoor living possible and are conducive to good health with Dr. Mexico, or
the desire to live in a foreign country, learn a new language, and deepen their appreciation for a foreign culture.

Although English is spoken in tourist centers, big hotels, and resorts as well as in professional establishments in bigger cities, it cannot be considered ‘common’ in every day living. You would therefore need to learn some Spanish to get by day-to-day, unless you lived in the expensive, gated ‘expatriate’ communities and only socialized within those circles.

Bigger towns and cities offer all of the amenities you would have access to in most towns back home: supermarkets, shops, restaurants, entertainment, nightlife, etc.

Generally speaking, Mexico’s pace of life is slower than that of the US, Canada and Europe—especially when compared to the pace of major cities there.

Mexican people are extremely warm and friendly. In smaller provincial communities, especially, they will make you feel welcome and help you where they can. Mexican people love foreign lands, and they love to hear about different people and places. The more effort you make to integrate yourself into Mexican communities and the Mexican way of life, the more receptive Mexico and Mexicans will be towards you, and the people around you who you engage with will appreciate the fact that you have made the effort to do so.

The impact of dental bridges in Tijuana for patients

The impact of dental bridges in Tijuana for patients

When you accidentally lose your teeth, the first thing to do involves visiting a dentist to get advice on what to do. One of the common and accepted procedures done at any professional clinic is the dental bridge. The tijuana dental bridge involves fixing a medical appliance in the mouth when some teeth go missing. These false teeth are anchored to the healthier teeth on the sides. The dental bridges in Tijuana dentists will do this and even carry out repairs when broken or during a routine checkup

The typical Tijuana dentist carrying out dental bridges use ceramic or porcelain materials, then fuse it in an underlying frame. For any patient who has undergone dental bridges in Tijuana, they have to revisit their doctor often because failure to do so causes them to fall. Dental care helps to check bacteria under the bridge, and this might cause decay to the abutment teeth.

Why you need dental bridges

Many patients with missing teeth have a reason to see their Tijuana dentists. The dental procedures help to restore smile

  • Maintains the shape of a patient’s face
  • Prevents the other teeth from drifting out of the position
  • It helps to distribute the forces during the bite since it replaces the missing teeth
  • Helps a person to speak and chew properly

Typical bridges available

The Tijuana dentist recommends the procedure when there are missing teeth. But each dentist recommends fixing different types, depending on the patient’s situation.

There are the traditional bridges. Here, a crown is created for the tooth or an implant art on different sides using a replacement tooth between. These are the most common

The dentist uses Cantilever bridges and are common when there are adjacent teeth on one side of the missing dental.

They also recommend the use of Maryland bonded bridges. These are plastic guns and teeth used in combination with metal framework.

Dental bridges in Tijuana are less invasive than dental implants, relatively quick, long lasting, protective, gives great looks and they are not removable.

Tips to make your smile brighter

Tips to make your smile brighter

Smile can perk up the face value of any person; a beautiful smile can do the work of many beauty products that claim to make you beautiful. People who are blessed with a dazzling smile often do not understand its importance and ignore minor problems affecting oral health, which is why they lost their natural color and charm of their smile. If you are one of those people who have healthy but pale teeth, then you can get the spark of your smile as cosmetic dentist in tijuana is there to help you. With cosmetic dentistry you can enliven with the feeling of having spick and span teeth and beautiful smile.

A cosmetic dentist does everything from whiten teeth that have become discolored after years of someone smoking, drinking wine, and caffeine, and live on the edge, to repair damage caused by an accident using dental devices such as dental implants.

Many people consider cosmetic dentistry to be something that only the rich and famous have done because they want to look perfect, but a cosmetic dentist also works on patients who are born with oral malformations, or with facial malformations causing them to have oral complications as they age.

Replacing missing teeth is one of the many procedures, a person can get in a cosmetic dental clinic. Dental implants are often used so that people with missing teeth will be made on the ability smile brightly, and eat with confidence.

Teeth whitening is another procedure that is often performed in a clinic for cosmetic oral proceedings. Beverages such as red wine, coffee, tea, cola and will make your tooth enamel to become discolored over time. There are about teeth whitening gels counter working for most people, but for some people, the only way to remove stains caused by these foods is to see a specialist.

Cosmetic dentistry is performed by a cosmetic dentist to make your smile brighter, but not all the work of these people do are to make people pretty. They also repair damage and deformation.

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